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50 Best Online Masters in Psychology 2023

online master's of psychology
best online psychology masters programs

If you want to follow a career path of helping people but also like understanding the mind and how thoughts affect behavior, the field of psychology is rich with possibilities. With a wide variety of different psychological sub-fields, there’s a career for almost everyone.

A recent trend shows that the Master of Psychology degree is one of the 50 most popular online master degree programs, which makes perfect sense. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists are enjoying an average rate of job growth, meaning there are a good number of jobs out there if you want to advance your career or join this field of work.

The one thing needed to join this professional boon is, at the very least, a master’s degree. And for ultimate convenience, pursuing a masters in psychology online is a great way to get the academic credentials you need. We’ve assembled a list of good colleges for psychology; read on to discover how we came up with our list and which online master’s program from an accredited school is right for you!

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We examined reputable and publicly available sources to determine the best psychology masters programs. This includes:

  • U.S. News and World Report
  • The Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC)
  • The Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP)
  • The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
  • The American Psychological Association (APA)
  • The websites of colleges, universities, and institutes offering online master of psychology programs.

In doing so, we compiled a list of 50 psychology master’s degrees that best fit our methodology criteria, which are as follows:

  • Commendation: Recognition among nationally accepted ranking sources such as U.S. News and World Report (25%)
  • Accessibility and affordability: Psychology master’s degrees with the lowest out-of-state tuition per credit hour and those offered completely online received the highest marks (25%)
  • Multiple degree options and/or concentration areas available: Degree customization or specialization areas (25%)
  • Preparation for pursuing licensure or further education: Clearly stating the extent the psychology master’s program prepares you to apply to a doctoral degree or to become a practitioner (25%)

This methodology provides a much more comprehensive view of top online psychology masters degree programs than just Googling “masters psychology online,” or “online MA psychology,” or “best online colleges psychology.”

In many cases, these online psychology masters programs accredited by MPCAC, CACREP, and other organizations offer a top-tier curriculum aligned to the professional standards of practicing psychologists.

Let’s get to the list of the top 50 online accredited masters in psychology programs!

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Online Master’s in Psychology

#1. Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Program Details

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

With multiple psychology masters programs online, TCSPP offers you many choices. A Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology degree program offers both a licensure and a non-licensure track, as well as a dual degree in forensic psychology and Master of Legal Studies.

If you pursue this dual MA/MLS degree in forensic psychology, you’ll take classes such as “Evaluation and Treatment of the Adult Offender” and “Ethics and Professional Issues.” You can complete this forensic psychology program in two to four years. 

Also available is the Master’s degree in International Psychology program, which trains you in the “theory and practice of psychology to provide services to individuals and groups working in international settings.” You can follow a general track or choose from three concentrations for this online master’s in psychology degree:

  • Environmental Advocacy
  • Management and Leadership
  • Trauma and Group Conflict

The Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology degree is yet another option. It’s a 31-credit hour psychology program with a required research project if you wish to research the intersection of psychopharmacology and medical issues.

Regardless of which of these master’s degrees you choose, there are online support services to help you succeed. You can even preview an online class before you enroll to see if The Chicago School is for you.

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#2. University of Oregon

Program Details

Oregon State University

The online psychology masters program at the University of Oregon is a 39-credit program that focuses on unique topics such as adversity and resilience, intervention science, and the neuroscience of trauma. During your time in this psychology program, you’ll take courses like:

  • Substance Use and Addiction
  • Translational Neuroscience in Adulthood
  • Methods of Program Measurement
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Implementation with Community and Cultural Perspectives

There is also a heavy emphasis on psychological research. You’ll take a capstone research course each of the six terms of this psychology program to strengthen your research skills, decision-making abilities, and critical thinking skills. You’ll also develop improved data analysis skills.

This is not a licensure program, nor does it provide clinical training for clinical psychologists. Rather than preparing you to work in family therapy or clinical psychology, it prepares you to work in community programs, public agencies, and other social services settings.

All told, this online master’s in psychology program requires you to complete 49 quarter credits, or 18 courses, all of which are offered entirely online. To apply, students must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a closely related field. You must also be familiar with psychological research and be an employee (or volunteer) or a social or mental health services organization.

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#3. Purdue University Global

Program Details

Purdue Global

The Master’s degree in Psychology from Purdue Global is a flexible psychology program that offers four concentrations:

  • Addictions
  • Forensic Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology

No matter which concentration you choose from these master’s in psychology programs, you’ll need to complete 60-75 quarter credits to graduate, which takes about two years of full-time studies to complete. Each course is condensed to a 10-week term, allowing you to move through the material more quickly, but since you take fewer classes at once, you aren’t overwhelmed with work.

Another component of this program’s flexibility is that you can choose between a thesis or a capstone project. The thesis focuses more on research, while the capstone project focuses more on real-world applications of your learning. Either way, upon graduation, you’ll have a wide skill set that enables you to facilitate change, empower others, and help others become more mentally healthy. You can do so in a wide range of settings, including private practice, community mental health, and residential treatment centers.

You need a bachelor’s degree to apply to this psychology program. When applying, you must submit official transcripts from an accredited institution showing you completed your undergraduate degree.

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#4. National University

Program Details

National University

National University offers Master of Arts degrees in a variety of concentrations in Psychology, each of which is offered online through the Department of Psychology in the School of Arts, Letters, and Sciences.

For example, the 90-quarter unit Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology program prepares you to sit for licensure (in California—if you reside in another state, you should check the state’s requirements for licensure) with two emphasis area options: Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) or a combined MFT and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).

Coursework for this 90-quarter unit psychology program includes the following:

  • Community Mental Health
  • Lifespan and Sexual Development
  • Child and Adolescent Therapy
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Relational and Systemic Trauma

A practicum is also required for both tracks. During the practicum, you’ll get real-world experience applying what you’ve learned in class in a mental health setting, such as family therapy or clinical psychology. Your practicum will be supervised, so you’ll get valuable feedback from an experienced practitioner.

If your interests lie in other areas of psychology, National offers several other online graduate programs. For example, if you’re interested in the “intersection of performance psychology techniques, counseling, peak performance psychology, and sport science,” National offers the 67.5 quarter unit Master’s degree in Performance Psychology program. The curriculum contributes towards the academic requirements for the certification granted by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Other online psychology program options include:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Human Behavior Psychology
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Health Psychology

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#5. Ball State University

Program Details

Ball State

The Ball State online psychology degree masters in Quantitative Psychology is ideal for you if you want to “study methods and techniques for the measurement of human attributes, the statistical and mathematical modeling of psychological processes, the design of research studies, and the analysis of psychological data.”

Part of the esteemed Teachers College and the Department of Educational Psychology, the 33-credit hour psychology program offers two concentrations: Quantitative or Mixed Methods. Both share core courses such as:

  • Multivariate Statistical Techniques
  • Applied Regression Analysis
  • Theory of Measurement

Also offered is the Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, which is entirely online and can be completed in just eighteen months. As one of the best online psychology degree programs available, this 30-credit psychology program offers four specializations:

  • Gifted and Talented
  • Human Development
  • Statistical and Research Methods
  • Neuropsychology

Many online student support services are offered through Ball State Online to help you succeed, from individual academic advisors to career planning to tech support.

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#6. Adler University

Program Details

Adler University

Several fully online psychology programs are offered through Adler University. A unique online masters in psychology degree is an Master’s degree in Military Psychology. This 36-credit hour program can be completed in as little as one year and addresses the increased psychological needs of the military. The expert faculty is comprised of “practitioners with real-world experience in behavioral health, psychology, and the military” and provides courses such as “Mental Health Law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice” and “War, Trauma, Grief, Death, and Loss.”

Adler University also offers a 36-credit Industrial-Organizational Psychology program with a “broad range of perspectives and theoretical approaches.” The online master’s in psychology program can be completed in as little as a year and offers three concentrations:

  • Data Science
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training and Development

You can also choose a Master’s degree in Psychology that prepares you for a doctoral degree or, if you’re already a practicing psychologist, a broader perspective on the Adlerian perspective that can help you provide better services to your private practice clients. This psychology program also emphasizes inclusivity, social justice, and social responsibility. You will practice these tools to improve the services you provide to your clients.

The MA program offers four concentrations:

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Crisis Management
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Health and Wellness

You must complete 36 credits to graduate. Sometimes, you might only need one year to satisfy these requirements.

Other related online graduate degree options from Adler University include a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

All psychology programs at Adler University have the ongoing benefit of membership in the University’s Alumni Association, which provides you an “extensive ongoing networking and professional development opportunities.”

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#7. Texas A&M University

Program Details

Texas A&M

Well inside the top ten of our online psychology master’s degree programs is Texas A&M. The College of Education & Human Development offers a Master in Educational Psychology program with two emphasis areas you can complete entirely online.

Through the Department of Educational Psychology, students of the MEd in Psychology can focus on School Counseling or Creativity & Cognition. Both focus areas consist of 36 credit hours and have no residency requirement.

The Creativity & Cognition program provides 24 hours of core classes in such topics as “Educational Psychology” and “Learning Theories.” Electives make up the remaining twelve hours with class choices like “Personal Creativity and Giftedness” and “Lateral Thinking.”

The School Counseling program is offered synchronously and asynchronously and can be completed in about two years. Though coursework is done online, an in-school practicum must be completed in your location in the program’s second year. Some of the courses you’ll take include:

  • Counseling Theories for School Counselors
  • Multicultural Counseling in Schools
  • Issues in Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment in School Settings
  • Consultation in Special Education

Upon completing this online master’s in psychology degree, you’re prepared to be a school counselor in Texas.

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#8. Fort Hays State University

Program Details

Fort Hays State University

The next option among our masters in psychology online programs is the Master’s degree in Psychology with a school psychology emphasis from FHSU. This 30-credit hour program can lead into the 36-credit hour Education Specialist (EdS) in School Psychology degree program if you wish.

Offering “coursework and practical experiences relevant to both psychology and education,” the degrees allow you to become a licensed school psychologist. Once the 66 hours of coursework is completed, you engage in a 1,200-hour supervised internship to work towards licensure for school psychology.

This online masters psychology program offers classes such as:

  • Advanced Child Psychopathology
  • Experimental Methods
  • Professional Ethics in Psych.

The EdS program offers coursework with topics like:

  • Psychological Consultation in Schools
  • Program Evaluation
  • Characteristics of Early Childhood Special Education

FHSU offers support and tutorials to guide you through the online academic process, and staff and faculty are on hand to help advise and instruct.

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#9. University of West Alabama

Program Details


UWA Online provides numerous online master degree programs in psychology and counseling, including:

  • Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Master’s degree in Adult Continuing Education: Counseling and Psychology
  • Master’s degree in Family Counseling
  • Master’s degree in School Counseling
  • Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology
  • Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling

One of the most popular of these master’s degrees is the Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. If you study full-time, this 60-credit psychology program takes two to three years to complete. Courses are accelerated into an eight-week format, so you finish each course more quickly but take fewer courses at a time.

Some of the classes you’ll take include the following:

  • Theory and Techniques in Distance Counseling
  • Diagnostic Techniques in Counseling
  • Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Counseling Multicultural Populations

This psychology program has practicum and internship components as well.

You must have a bachelor’s degree and submit a resume, official transcripts, and a professional goals essay to apply. You must also participate in a video interview.

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#10.  Pepperdine University

Program Details


Pepperdine offers three online graduate degrees in psychology, each addressing a different purpose. The Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis is a 34-37 unit psychology program that prepares you to become a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA). You’ll learn applied behavioral analysis (ABA) techniques in asynchronous and synchronous classes like:

  • Organizational Behavior Management
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Selecting and Implementing Interventions in ABA

This master’s degree, which can be completed in as little as a year and a half, also includes clinical practicum experiences. During these experiences, you’ll hone your practitioner-client skills under the supervision of an experienced Applied Behavior Analyst.

Pepperdine’s Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology is a 62-68 unit program that can be completed in as few as 27 months. During your time in this clinical psychology program, you’ll gain skills necessary to join the ranks of clinical psychologists, such as:

  • Diagnosing clients
  • Facilitating therapeutic processes
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Formulating clinical cases

Completing this clinical psychology program prepares you for licensure as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or a Licensed Professional Counselor. You can work in clinical psychology, family therapy, or counseling psychology, to name a few.

Meanwhile, the online Master of Arts in Psychology from Pepperdine is a 36-48 unit program you can complete in as little as a year and a half. This general psychology program introduces you to many different aspects of psychology through varied coursework like:

  • Trauma in Diverse Populations
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Research and Evaluation Methods for Mental Health Professionals
  • Interpersonal Skills and Group Therapy
  • Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy

In each case, you must already have a bachelor’s degree to apply. Pepperdine does not require GRE scores.

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#11. Grand Canyon University

Program Details

Grand Canyon University

One of the best online colleges for psychology, Grand Canyon University offers an online Master’s degree in Psychology through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. A 36-credit hour program, the General Psychology Emphasis provides courses such as:

  • Human Development
  • Learning, Cognition, and Motivation
  • Psychopathology

In addition to the general track, other online emphasis areas include:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Life Coaching
  • Human Factors Psychology
  • GeroPsychology
  • Health Psychology

With such varied specializations, you can follow a very particular career path. The Life Coaching degree, for instance, provides you with the tools to “explore advanced cognitive theory, observe individuals inside or outside organizations, formulate recommendations based on feedback and ultimately implement efficient, ethical coaching strategies.”

The Emphasis in GeroPsychology, on the other hand, focuses on learning “best practices and strategies for elderly care.” All emphasis areas are VA-approved, allow you to transfer up to twelve credits, and culminate with a capstone course.

General admissions requirements for this program include having a bachelor’s degree and submitting official college transcripts and letters of recommendation as part of the application process.

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#12. Nova Southeastern University

Program Details

Nova Southeastern University

NSU’s College of Psychology offers two online master’s degrees: a 30-credit hour Master’s degree in General Psychology and the 36-credit hour Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Although neither degree leads to licensure, both provide rigorous and relevant coursework that can help you hone your psychological skills or go on to pursue a doctoral degree. This includes improved critical thinking skills, communication skills, and research skills, like data analysis.

Within the General Psychology degree, you can choose an Applied Health Science Track. This three-class track provides training through courses entitled:

  • Psychological Aspects of Treating Disease
  • The Business of Psychology
  • Interviewing Techniques

The Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology program offers two areas of emphasis. The first is Forensic Psychology in the Legal System, which is ideal if you envision yourself working in the courts, for attorneys, or in victim advocacy. The second option is Forensic Psychology for Mental Health Workers, First Responders, and Disaster teams, which prepares you for social service work with people that have experienced emergencies, trauma, or other intense stressors.

And since these are online master’s degrees, you don’t have to live in the Fort Lauderdale area to enroll!

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#13. University of North Dakota

Program Details


The University of North Dakota’s Department of Psychology offers a unique Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. It’s one of the best psychology degree online programs currently available. In fact, UND notes that this program is the number-one ranked forensic psychology master’s degree in the nation.

As a student in this forensic science and psychology online program, you’ll take courses like:

  • Psychology and Law
  • Behavior Pathology
  • Eyewitness Testimony and Memory
  • Diversity Psychology
  • Advanced Social Psychology

You’ll explore issues of social justice, crime and punishment, victimology, and other issues in these and many other forensic psychology classes.

This program requires just 30 credits to graduate. You can complete the program in as little as two years of full-time study.

As is the case with many master’s degrees in The School of Graduate Studies, you are not required to take the GRE for admission to this forensic psychology program. Moreover, financial aid options are available to you to help offset the cost of your studies in forensic psychology, and UND provides career services to help you find employment upon graduation.

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#14. Golden Gate University

Program Details

Golden Gate University

The Department of Psychology at Golden Gate University offers an online Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. The program is designed for professionals who want to gain insight into the theoretical frameworks of IO psychology and how you can use them to improve the functioning of small, medium, and large businesses and organizations.

This program prepares you for competent professional practice with both theoretical methods and research and practice models. The 33-unit curriculum requires core classes like:

  • Conflict Resolution: Ethics, Theory and Practice
  • Organizational Behavior and Development
  • Leading Complex Change

You can also choose from various electives like:

  • Acquiring and Retaining Human Resources
  • Teamwork in Organizations
  • Therapeutic Communication and Counseling Skills

This online psychology program does not require a thesis or fieldwork.

Webinars provide information about the program and the student services offered by GGU, apart from the individualized attention that you receive as an online student. In addition to praise for these services, past online students cite the knowledge gained through the program as continually useful in their professional lives.

As a graduate of this master’s degree program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to pursue employment in many fields, including social service, human resources, and talent development. To apply, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with a 2.5 GPA or higher for your undergraduate studies.

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#15. Union College

Program Details

Union College offers two master’s degrees online. The first is a 36-credit hour accredited online masters psychology program in General Psychology offered through Union’s Department of Psychology. Providing a “dynamic, challenging, and professionally relevant” curriculum, this program is crafted to help current psychologists advance in the field. It is also ideal if you wish to pursue PhD studies.

Core courses include topics like:

  • Statistics for Mental Health Professionals
  • Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Social and Community Psychology

You must also complete nine hours of elective courses. Six hours are dedicated to an Integrative Project final thesis.

Also offered completely online through the Department of Psychology is the 60-credit hour Master’s degree in Substance Abuse Counseling degree program. In addition to the foundational substance abuse coursework, you’ll engage in a substance abuse core of classes in subjects like:

  • Biological Systems of Chemical Dependency
  • Psychology of Addition
  • Multicultural and Diversity Issues
  • Recovery and Relapse

You are also required to complete practicum and internship experiences. The practicum is in counseling and psychotherapy, while the internship focuses on providing you with supervised clinical work in substance abuse counseling.

This program leads to licensure in the state of Kentucky, which enables you to work in community and private practice settings, social service settings, life coaching, and family therapy, to name a few. If you live in another state, you will need to check the requirements to become a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor.

You can start one of these master’s degrees by visiting the admissions link below and inquiring about the enrollment requirements. You can also visit the financial aid website to learn about scholarships and other sources of aid, including the university’s scholarship that covers 100 percent of tuition!

Admissions website

#16. Arizona State University

Program Details

Arizona State

Arizona State University’s College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences provides an online masters degree in psychology program that’s ideal if you want a research-intensive, academically-rigorous program that focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, data analysis skills, and problem solving skills.

You can complete this 36-credit hour program at Arizona State University in as little as eighteen months on a full-time basis. However, you have up to six years to finish if you need to study part-time.

Most of the curriculum is comprised of core courses, such as:

  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Research
  • Advanced Social Psychology
  • Professional Issues in Psychology

Of the 36 required credits, nine are electives. This program also requires a capstone experience during which you review current psychological literature and make research and policy recommendations.

Also offered online at Arizona State University is a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology program that requires 33 credit hours in forensic psychology and criminal justice to graduate. This program provides you with “an understanding of mental health issues and human behavior with respect to crime and the legal system.”

Several forensic psychology seminar courses cover topics in criminal justice and courts and sentencing. A final “Capstone in Forensic Psychology” course completes the degree.

These ASU online master’s degrees require that you have a bachelor’s degree before admission, though GRE scores are not required. Once enrolled, Arizona State University has many online student resources to support you in your distance education journey.

Admissions website

#17. Colorado State University

Program Details

Colorado State

CSU offers an online Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MAIOP) degree program for professionals who wish to examine the “behavior of individuals in businesses and organizations to determine how to improve performance and productivity.”

The 38-credit hour program is offered through the Department of Psychology and is generally completed in two or four years. You will work together with other students in “virtual consulting teams” on “real and embedded simulations to provide critical core industrial/organizational psychology knowledge and skills development.”

The curriculum for this master’s degree includes classes such as:

  • Applied Industrial Psychology
  • Workforce Training and Development
  • Succession Planning and Leadership Development
  • Applied Cross-Cultural Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Applied Measurement Theory

This curriculum provides the skills and support that result in graduates who sing the program’s praises. Flexibility, expert faculty-led courses, a solid grounding in quantitative analysis, and online resources combine together to form a rigorous yet supportive environment for online master’s in industrial/organizational psychology students like you who want to advance in the field.

You can use your education to work in human resources, consulting, and other settings in which you help advance organizational leadership, solve problems in the workplace, and make organizations more efficient.

You need a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher and satisfactory GRE scores to apply. You may also need to submit application documents like official transcripts, letters of recommendation, or a personal statement.

Admissions website

#18. Capella University

Program Details

Capella University

At Capella University, you can choose between four competency-based online master’s degrees:

  • Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Science in School Psychology

The Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis track is a scholar-practitioner program focusing on developing your competency as a psychological researcher and practitioner. You can choose from three specializations:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavioral Analysis in Education
  • Organizational Behavior Management

The Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology option emphasizes developing mental and behavioral health skills, including performing psychological assessments, clinical psychology techniques, and psychotherapy theory. This clinical psychology track also offers three specializations: Applied Research, Clinical Counseling, and Forensic Psychology.

Capella’s Master’s degree in Psychology focuses on the science of psychology and its applications in helping improve human performance, address maladaptive behaviors, and using your skills to improve communities as well. There are five specializations in this track, including:

  • General Psychology
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Educational Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Sport Psychology

The Master’s degree in School Psychology program helps you develop the skills necessary to assist children in becoming better learners. Likewise, you’ll gain skills related to helping teachers to improve their teaching methods in developmentally-appropriate ways for their students. This is not a terminal degree program. Instead, you’ll need to continue your training in Capella’s Ed.S. in School Psychology or PsyD in School Psychology.

Each of these master’s degrees requires that you have a bachelor’s degree prior to admission. GRE scores are not required.

Admissions website

#19. Penn State University

Program Details

Penn State

The Master of Professional Studies in the Psychology of Leadership degree program is a joint effort through Penn State’s World Campus and College of the Liberal Arts. Requiring 33 credit hours, the MPS in the Psychology of Leadership degree is crafted to develop students’ “awareness of the ethical issues that can arise when leading others and increase . . . knowledge about more specialized applications of leadership research and theory.”

Courses in the program include three required core classes in:

  • Ethics and Leadership: Psychological and Social Processes
  • Psychological Foundations of Leadership
  • Foundations of Behavior, Motivation, and Attitudes at Work

The remaining credits are comprised of electives—you choose from classes such as:

  • Psychology of Shared and Collective Leadership
  • Leadership for Creativity and Innovation
  • Positive Organizational Behavior and Wellbeing

As a result of your studies in this master’s degree, you’ll gain enhanced skills related to:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-Making

You can use these skills to advance your career in business, management, human resources, and many other areas.

Penn State has been providing distance education for more than a century and, as such, makes a wealth of online services available to help you succeed. You must have a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher to apply. You must also submit official college transcripts, but GRE scores are not required for admission. You may also submit a personal statement to support your application.

Admissions website

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#20. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Program Details

University of Tennessee Knoxville

The Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling in UTK’s College of Education, Health & Human Sciences offers a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology with two concentrations: Adult Education or Applied Educational Psychology.

This 36-credit hour, non-thesis “EdPsych Online” program includes synchronous coursework that can be completed in two years. If you choose the Adult Education concentration, you’ll study to join “reflective practitioners who actively participate in leadership and service to promote adult learning in a global community.” You’ll do so with courses like:

  • Facilitating Change in Educational Environments
  • Reflective Practice in Education and Psychology
  • Adult Development
  • Survey of Educational Psychology
  • Non-Western Perspectives of Teaching and Learning

The Applied Educational Psychology concentration can be used as a path toward a doctoral degree or to fill “an educational role in schools, mental health centers, and business programs devoted to personal and professional development.” You’ll gain competency in this field by taking courses like:

  • Motivation in Learning
  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Program Planning in Adult Education
  • Adult Learning in Social Context
  • Ecology of Human Learning

As a student in one of these master’s degrees, you can apply for financial aid, join various clubs and organizations, and enjoy alumni events after graduation. You must have a bachelor’s degree to apply. You must also submit a resume, a letter of introduction, and a writing sample, among other documentation. GRE scores are not required.

Admissions website

#21. University of Alabama

Program Details

University of Alabama T

This accredited masters in psychology online is an Master’s degree in Educational Psychology through the University of Alabama online. It’s offered with a specialization in Learning and Assessment.

The same experienced faculty teach the 30-credit hour program as the on-campus program. Your studies can lead to advancement in different fields. Conversely, this master’s degree can be the first step toward pursuing a doctoral degree.

The curriculum of this master’s degree explores a variety of areas related to cognition and the learning sciences, including:

  • Advanced Educational Psychology
  • Social and Cultural Foundations of Behavior
  • Life-Span Development
  • Statistical Methods in Education
  • Evaluation of Classroom Learning

These courses are coupled with developing educational research and program evaluation skills to give you a well-rounded skill set for practicing educational psychology.

Instead of a final comprehensive exam, you’ll complete a capstone project to finish this online psychology masters. The capstone is a summative assessment that enables you to review and coalesce what you’ve learned throughout your time in the program.

The University of Alabama Online Student Services team will help you explore this or other master’s degrees if you’re considering enrolling. You must have a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher to enroll. You must submit unofficial transcripts, a statement of purpose, and three letters of recommendation with your application. GRE scores are not required

Admissions website

#22. Indiana Wesleyan University

Program Details

Indiana Wesleyan University

If you want a relevant and expeditious experience as you pursue an online Masters in Psychology, IWU offers a 30-credit hour master’s degree in Psychology program that can be completed in about a year. Two specializations are offered: Positive Psychology with an emphasis on Life Coaching and Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Core courses for both specializations are the same and include classes such as:

  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Foundations of Interviews and Trends

Both tracks conclude with a Capstone in Psychology course. Electives are specific to each specialization and cover topics like:

  • Life Coaching and Contemporary Positive Psychology
  • Principles and Practices of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The School of Service and Leadership offers this master’s degree and aims “to train students in the history, theory, and research methods of psychology from a Christian faith perspective.” You’ll develop psychological knowledge and skills, in addition to advanced critical thinking, problem solving, and human services skills.

Though these master’s degrees don’t lead to licensure, you can still work in many different settings. For example, you can start a private practice as a life coach or work as an IO psychology consultant.

You must have a bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 GPA or higher to apply. You must also submit two letters of recommendation with your application.

Admissions website

#23. Touro University Worldwide

Program Details

TUW offers an online master’s degree in Psychology through the School of Psychology. This program offers six specializations:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Media Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The unique Media Psychology concentration is provided completely online and can be completed in a year if pursued full-time. This is one of the best online schools for psychology because you can choose from six start dates that allow you to conveniently begin the 36-credit hour program when you desire.

The curriculum includes 27 core credit hours and nine concentration electives. Core classes include topics such as:

  • Developmental Issues Across the Life Span
  • Principles of Consumer Psychology
  • The Psychological Impact of Media and Technology

One of the most popular programs is offered through the School of Business – an Master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. This program also requires you to complete 36 credit hours. There are three concentrations to customize the degree:

  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Occupational Health Psychology

Although the industrial organizational psychology degree online does not lead to licensure, the “program is consistent with the values and guidelines of the Societies of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management, and Consulting Psychology.”

If any of these master’s degrees interest you, you must already have a bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 GPA or higher. You might be required to submit a resume or curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, or a personal statement when you apply.

Admissions website

#24. Liberty University

Program Details

Liberty University

Liberty University’s online Master of Arts in Applied Psychology degree program is designed for you if you have the “heart for serving others by helping employees or organizations work through problems and create positive work environments.”

The 36-credit hour master’s degree is taught from a clear Christian perspective. It’s offered by the School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty University. You can choose from four master’s degrees:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Public Mental Health
  • General Psychology

Each concentration requires core classes in topics like:

  • Psychology & Christianity
  • Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology

Concentration courses for these Liberty University programs depend on the specialization. For example, you might take classes such as “Organizational Ethics” and “Human Resource Training & Development” for the Industrial/Organizational track and “Intervention & Behavior Support” and “Developmental Neuropsychology” for the Developmental Psychology track.

Most students complete the online masters program for psychology in about eighteen months, and Liberty Online makes sure that you feel fully supported during your time as a student in a Liberty program. As a student at Liberty University, you can transfer up to half of the credits required to graduate, which helps significantly reduce the time and cost needed to finish your degree.

Admissions website

#25. Southern New Hampshire University

Program Details

Southern New Hampshire University

As a Southern New Hampshire University student, you can complete a masters of psychology online degree program in as little as fifteen months. You will come out of the program with an “understanding of research methods, cognitive psychology, social psychology, personality, learning theory, and ethical practice.”

This 36-credit hour master’s degree offers three concentrations: 

  • Child and Adolescent Development Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology

If you enter the program without an undergraduate degree in Psychology or a solid understanding of several necessary foundational classes, you may need to take several prerequisite courses.

However, if you already have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, your classes at Southern New Hampshire University will begin with a core made up of subjects like:

  • Social Psychology
  • Cognitive Processes
  • Theories of Personality

Elective courses vary from one specialization to the next.

For example, the Forensic Psychology track includes studies in “Assessment in Forensic Psychology” and “Psychology and Law.” The Industrial Organizational Psychology track includes courses in “Organizational Consulting” and the “Psychology of Leadership.” A final Capstone in Psychology completes this Southern New Hampshire University program.

As one of hundreds of online academic programs, this Master of Science in Psychology program provides plenty of student support services and resources from Southern New Hampshire University. This includes help finding financial aid to pay for your degree.

Admissions website

#26. University of Georgia

Program Details

University of Georgia

Our list of the best online schools for psychology degrees continues with the University of Georgia. UGA has an online Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition, and Development degree program provided through the College of Education. The 34-credit hour program progresses in cohorts of ten students—together, you will take classes like:

  • Foundations of Motivation for Education
  • Nurturing Independent Learners
  • Applied Statistical Methods in Education
  • Foundations of Human Development for Education
  • Methods of Research in Education

Focus areas are available to customize the degree. You can choose electives to satisfy tracks in:

  • Learning with Technology
  • Learning Across the Lifespan
  • Qualitative Approaches to Education
  • Development of High Intellectual Capability

In addition to the assistance and guidance offered by faculty members and fellow students in the cohort, UGA offers academic advising, disability resources, and financial aid advising for graduate students. You can also take advantage of tutoring, a career center, the UGA Library, and testing services.

To apply, you need a bachelor’s degree, satisfactory GRE scores or MAT scores, and letters of recommendation, to name a few requirements.

Admissions website

#27. Sacred Heart University

Program Details

Sacred Heart

This psychology masters degree online is a unique program for two reasons. First, it’s a hybrid program with online and in-person requirements. Second, this master’s degree is offered as a standalone option or as a dual bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology.

The 12-course curriculum takes as little as one year to complete, making this one of the shortest online master’s degree options on this list. Courses are varied among psychology and business-related topics, like:

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Training and Development
  • Survey Research
  • Diversity and Cross-Cultural Practice in Organizations
  • Personnel Psychology

You must also complete a three-credit applied practicum that includes supervised fieldwork. This fieldwork must be in an area related to your professional interests.

Your time in this program will be spent learning from expert faculty who have real-work experience in industrial organizational psychology settings. You can use what you learn from your professors to pursue many different employment opportunities, including those in organizational psychology, human resources, and market research, among many others.

This program only admits students in the fall. To apply, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher from an accredited college or university. You must also submit two letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal essay, among other supporting documents. You can inquire about financial aid possibilities when you apply.t two letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal essay, among other supporting documents.

Admissions website

#28. City University of New York

Program Details

The online Master’s degree in Psychology from the City University of New York is a flexible 36-credit program offering two specializations: Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Developmental Psychology, making this one of the best psychology online schools. In both cases, you must complete a core of five courses that include:

  • Cognitive Psychology and Learning
  • PSY 605 – Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Social Behavior
  • Theories of Personality
  • Psychopathology

If you opt for the Industrial Organizational Psychology track, you will take courses including:

  • Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Organizational Development and Effectiveness
  • Performance Management and Motivation

In the Developmental Psychology track, you’ll take courses including:

  • Perspectives on Developmental Psychology
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Adult Development

Upon completing this program, you can pursue employment in various fields, including human services, Human Resources, and data analysis. You can also go into psychological research, personnel training, or market research. An additional option is to continue your studies in a doctoral program.

To apply, you must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. You must also have a 3.0 GPA or higher and provide documents like letters of recommendation, a resume, and a personal statement. GRE scores are not required.

Admissions website

#29.  William James College

Program Details

William James

The Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology (MAOP) degree program at William James College is a good option if you want to build on your bachelor’s degree. The accelerated 30-credit hour program can be completed in less than a year (although you can pursue it part-time if desired–then the program generally takes up to two years).

Moreover, you can complete the degree completely online or participate in a “blended program,” which provides online coursework but includes intensive Weekend-in-Residence experiences each month. 

Classes include:

  • Performance Development and Management Psychology and Training
  • Diagnosis, Intervention
  • Evaluation in Organizational Development
  • Consulting Skills

You can also pursue an optional Talent Management concentration, taking courses such as:

  • Talent Acquisition and Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational Life Cycle

Another feature of this online master’s degree program is 80 hours of fieldwork. You can complete these hours at your current job site, if applicable to organizational psychology, or you can choose another organization or a William James College partner site if you prefer.

Admissions website

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#30. Carlos Albizu University

Program Details

Albizu University offers a fully online Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology that prepares you to be “a culturally competent I/O practitioner who develops and applies scientific knowledge to solve problems in the workplace.”

This program requires 42 academic credits and six capstone project credits to graduate. The relevant curriculum is taught by expert faculty members who are “active professionals” and practitioners in the field. Core courses explore various industrial psychology and organizational psychology topics, such as:

  • Psychological Assessment Techniques in the Organization
  • Employment Law
  • Psychological Assessment Techniques in the Organization
  • Small Group Theory and Process
  • Organizational Training and Development

This Master’s degree in I/O Psychology is one of only two completely online degrees offered through the Carlos Albizu University’s Virtual Campus (CVC). The degree offers you a solid grounding, and though it does not lead to licensure in the United States, you are provided with “practical training in the areas of selection and placement, training and development, performance measurement, organizational development, and quality of work life” to pursue your chosen profession.

Admissions website

#31. American Public University

Program Details

American Public University System

The two-year, 39-credit hour Master’s degree in Psychology program through the APU School of Arts, Humanities, and Education offers you a grounding in “scientific theory and principles with academic research and applicable skills.”

The curriculum includes classes such as:

  • Multicultural Issues in Human Behavior
  • Professional Ethics and Standards
  • Introduction to Scholarly and Technical Writing
  • Quantitative Methods in Social Science Research
  • Tests and Measurements

Monthly start dates allow you to begin your studies at your convenience. Added perks of the program include allowing up to fifteen credits to be transferred in and a grant for your studies if you’re in the military.

Online learning is a hallmark of APU, and, as such, many support services and resources are offered to online students like you. From an Online Lab Experience and blogs offering tips for online learning success to academic advising and a Help Center, APU has many avenues and opportunities to help online students have a smooth academic experience.

Admissions website

#32. Adams State University

Program Details

Adams State

If you want to go into the field of sports psychology and study in a proven online program in “applied sport psychology . . . . using a scientist-practitioner model,” the Master’s degree in Applied Sport Psychology at Adams State is a quality option. It is the first completely online degree program offered in this field in the United States. 

Housed within the Human Performance and Physical Education Department, the 36-credit hour degree program helps you work towards Certified Consultant licensure through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). This master’s degree requires about two years to complete. It allows you to ” gain applied experience and conduct research” through both coursework and hands-on experience.

The curriculum is AASP-approved and includes classes such as:

  • Methods of Coaching
  • Sports Psychology
  • Mental Strength and Conditioning

Student testimonials attest to the support provided by faculty and staff who understand the challenges of distance learning. Adams State also has a financial aid office that’s ready and willing to help you find the resources you need to pay for your degree.

Admissions website

#33. University of North Texas

Program Details

University of North Texas

If you want to help assess educational programs and make them better, the Master’s degree in Educational Psychology at UNT has an online concentration in Research and Evaluation (R&E). This online master’s degree is a 33-credit hour program that can be completed in as little as fifteen months. 

The R&E degree trains you to be “the go-to person in your educational organization in understanding why and how your educational programs are working, for whom they work, and if changes are required.” Offered through the Educational Psychology department in the College of Education, classes include research-based topics like:

  • Foundations of Psychoeducational Measurement
  • Statistics for Educational Research
  • Grant Proposal Writing Skills

The program is ideal for current educators—you can start in the summer and take four accelerated courses, take only two courses each fall and spring, and finish the following summer. This allows you to complete the program with minimal disruption to your work schedule.

College of Psychology students are eligible for a number of scholarships and other types of financial aid, so in addition to convenience, the degree can be affordable for anyone. You can apply to the program online. Note that UNIT requires you to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution for admission.

Admissions website

#34. Indiana Institute of Technology

Program Details

Indiana Tech

Indiana Tech’s online Master’s degree in Psychology is a 33-credit program ideal if you want to advance in your career. This research-based program is also a good choice if you wish to pursue doctoral work.

The program offers a curriculum aligned “with the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Commission on Accreditation Educational Guidelines,” making it easy for you to transition into a Ph.D. program after completing this degree. Coursework provides a solid foundation in psychology that can help lead to licensure as well. Classes include the following:

  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychology
  • Advanced Biopsychology
  • Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
  • Psychopathology
  • Multicultural Psychology

A capstone course for this online master’s degree is also required. The capstone aims to measure your knowledge and understanding of the critical components of the curriculum. This is done with a comprehensive exam that tests you on learning outcomes throughout the program.

Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, the program has expert faculty that gives you the grounding in “advanced psychological principles, theories, practices, and research” needed to succeed in the field.

Admissions website

#35. University of Memphis

Program Details

University of Memphis

The UofM Global Master’s degree in Educational Psychology program offers a comprehensive program for you, regardless of your academic background. Classes are offered completely online and taught by the same experienced faculty as the on-campus program.

The 36-credit hour curriculum provides core coursework covering topics such as:

  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Qualitative Methods in Education
  • Learning and Cognition

Part of the Educational Psychology and Research (EDPR) Program in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research, this online Master’s degree in Educational Psychology prepares you to be a practitioner or researcher.

UofM Global desires for each online student to succeed and provides many services to ensure that—from academic advising and tech support to career services and tutoring. UofM Global is invested in online education and the students who participate in the programs.

Admissions website

#36. California Baptist University

Program Details


Our list of psychology graduate programs online continues with California Baptist University. CBU Online offers a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (MSCP) degree program for students who want to pursue “either marriage and family therapy or professional clinical counseling with a firm understanding of psychological science from a distinctly Christian worldview.”

This graduate degree requires 60 major units. M students complete the program in just two years before beginning a social service career. Core course requirements include the following:

  • Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling Theory
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Human Communications in Group Process
  • Human Sexuality 

An optional licensure component adds six units to the requirement. The Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) Concentration satisfies the educational requirements set forth by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

To culminate the program, you take a comprehensive exam (either on-campus or with an approved location and proctor), which includes the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE). CBU Online provides many benefits, including support services to help you succeed.

Admissions Website

#37. Mercy College

Program Details

Mercy College

Mercy College offers a Master’s degree in Psychology program through the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences that can be pursued entirely online. This graduate degree requires 36 credit hours. The program “surveys all aspects of advanced psychological study” and prepares you to work in advanced psychological employment or go on to doctoral work.

You have up to five years to complete the degree. While in the program, you’ll take core classes, including:

  • Professional Issues and Ethics
  • Group Experience
  • Contemporary Theories in Psychology

The remaining credits are determined by your choice in a culminating comprehensive written exam or completing a master’s thesis.

As an online student, you can access all the online student resources and support Mercy College provides. In addition to the dedicated faculty members who aim to help all students succeed, services include a comprehensive online-learning orientation, an online learning center, academic advising, career services, and tech support.

Admissions website

#38. Harvard University

Program Details


The hybrid-online Master of Liberal Arts in Psychology degree program through the Harvard Extension School offers you the convenience of online coursework and the prestige and exceptionality of a Harvard degree, easily making it one of the best online college for psychology options.

With the unique combination of both online classes and on-campus requirements, you are “immersed in a rich academic community and have access to extensive resources.” The program consists of twelve courses, at least three of which must be taken on campus. You choose between a final thesis or capstone project to complete the degree. Both options provide one-on-one guidance and support, and the capstone offers community support.

The Harvard Extension School also offers you access to resources such as advising, a Writing Center, and Career Services. The Extension School also offers articles, student testimonials and spotlights, and faculty highlights to provide prospective students with insight into the school and to provide resources and pertinent news.

Admissions website

#39. University of Idaho

Program Details

University of Idaho

Offered through the Psychology and Communication Studies Department within the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), the University of Idaho’s Master’s degree in Psychology program with an emphasis in Human Factors can be completed on-campus or entirely online. Either way, you’ll take classes such as:

  • Sensation & Perception
  • Human Factors in Engineering Design
  • Ergonomics & Biomechanics

Graduates of this program move on to advanced careers in non-profit or industry settings or are prepared to pursue doctoral work. The program can be completed in about two years, and you learn from faculty members who are also practitioners.

A choice is offered between a comprehensive final exam or a Master’s Thesis. If you choose the thesis option, you must be prepared to defend it on campus. Additionally, if you desire to go on for doctoral work, this psychology masters online program leads into the IU Ph.D. in Psychology program.

Admissions website

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#40. University of Northern Colorado

Program Details


At 40th on our list of the best online psychology masters programs is the University of Northern Colorado. The online Master’s degree in Educational Psychology program with an emphasis in Teaching Applications is ideal for educators who want to study psychology to “develop student confidence and interest in learning.”

The program is offered by the UNC Online Extended Campus and housed in the School of Psychological Sciences. To graduate from this graduate degree program, you must complete 30 credit hours. Fortunately, you can do so in just nineteen months.

You enter the program at the same time and progress through the classes sequentially as a cohort. Coursework includes classes such as:

  • Learning and Instruction
  • Motivation in Education
  • Cultural Issues in Educational Psychology
  • Brain and Education
  • Science of Creativity for Teaching

A final Comprehensive Examination completes the degree and includes a written paper in which students apply their “knowledge of Educational Psychology to a topic or issue that is relevant to their practice as teachers or in other educational settings.” However, you can complete a capstone research project instead of the exam if you wish. In either case, your program of study will prepare you well for a career in social services.

Online learning resources are provided, along with a list of “tips” for online learners and specific library services. Other services, such as financial aid, academic advising, and tutoring, are also available.

Admissions website

#41. Tiffin University

Program Details


Tiffin University offers an online Master’s degree in Psychology program offering an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on a wide range of disciplines. The program is ideal if you are “innately curious about what makes people tick” and want a research-based, scientific approach to your psychology program as opposed to studying clinical or counseling psychology.

This graduate degree program requires 37 credit hours. The program’s courses are taught by faculty who have worked in the social service field and include topics such as:

  • Advanced Theories of Personalities
  • Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Two two-credit Capstone Research courses complete the degree program.

Multiple start dates are available (January, March, May, July, August, and October), and most full-time students can complete the degree in about eighteen months (part-time students generally finish in two and a half years). You will find that the online support at Tiffin is structured to help you succeed, whether you’re a full-time or part-time student.

Admissions website

#42. University of Louisiana at Monroe

Program Details

University of Louisiana at Monroe

The University of Louisiana at Monroe has a Master of Science in Psychology degree program that provides a completely online Forensic Psychology concentration. The program requires 36 credit hours to graduate. This includes three core forensic psychology courses:

  • Quantitative Methods in the Behavioral Sciences
  • Research Methods
  • Neuropsychology

Additionally, you’ll take classes in the forensic psychology concentration such as:

  • Counseling in Criminal Justice
  • Sociology of Law
  • Minorities, Crime
  • Criminal Justice

You can choose between a comprehensive exam or a master’s thesis to finish this degree criminal justice and forensic psychology-focused degree. Although not a requirement, the thesis option is recommended if you want to go on to doctoral work to achieve a Ph.D.

ULM declares a commitment to online students and recognizes that you are just as much a part of the University’s learning community as residential students. There are resources and services to assist you, with a specific webpage devoted to suggestions, tips, and “netiquette” to help guide you and find success in your academic journey toward a fulfilling social services career.

Admissions website

#43. Bellevue University

Program Details

Bellevue University

Bellevue University’s Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology guides you in the “scientific study of human behavior in the workplace . . . to improve the performance, motivation, job satisfaction, safety, and health and well-being of employees.” The program is offered in an accelerated format online, and you progress through the coursework with your classmates in a cohort format.

The core curriculum requires 36 credit hours in classes such as:

  • Job Analysis and Performance Appraisals
  • Organizational Development
  • Applied Organizational Psychology
  • Measurement and Design
  • Personnel Selection

Both a practicum and a final research capstone project round out the program. These experiences, combined with your classroom learning, will help you graduate from the program with a high level of competency in industrial organizational psychology.

Bellevue is an ally of working adults seeking an education by providing “career-relevant degree programs” and has been for over 50 years. The university desires to ensure the online learning experience is just as enriching and positive as an on-campus experience. Online resources and services such as academic advising and a tech support desk are provided to you.

Admissions website

#44. LeTourneau University

Program Details


Only offered online and in an accelerated format, the Master’s degree in Psychology at LeTourneau guides you to become “a compassionate Christian professional.” This 39-credit hour graduate degree program includes core classes such as “Group Counseling Methods” and “Family Assessment.” The remaining credits include electives like:

  • Dynamics of Teams and Communities
  • Career Counseling and Lifestyle Development
  • Contemporary Psychology
  • Organizational Behavior and Design
  • Decision Analysis

You can transfer up to nine credits into the program to help reduce the amount of time you need to complete the degree.

Online master’s degree in psychology students like you will discover that the faculty and staff of the School of Psychology & Counseling are fully invested in your success and that there are many opportunities to find support and professional resources.

This Master’s degree in Psychology is not a licensure program. If you desire to pursue licensure, you can transfer the credits you’ve earned through this master’s degree into LeTourneau’s MA in Counseling program.

Admissions website

#45. Baker College

Program Details

Baker College

The Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Baker is a good option if you wish to “learn how principles of psychology can be utilized for organizational success.” The program is offered online through the College of Social Science.

This 36-credit hour graduate degree has a curriculum with required classes like:

  • Psychology of Personnel Management and Human Resources
  • Individual and Group Factors in the Workplace
  • Organizational Development, Change, and Consultation

Through these and other classes, you gain the skills to transform workplaces “through the application of the theories, methods, and principles of psychology to individuals, teams, and organizations.”

Though this master’s degree does not lead to licensure, you build a solid foundation in the areas that make a successful practitioner in human resources, organizational development, and training in businesses and organizations of all sorts. In addition to plentiful on-campus Baker resources, many services are also available to online students.

Admissions website

#46. Austin Peay State University

Program Details

Austin Peay

Austin Peay’s entirely online Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology (MSIO) degree program offers the same rigor and support as any on-campus program. The program was developed following the Guidelines for Master’s Level Training established by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

This 34-credit hour graduate degree program “follows the scientist-practitioner model of graduate education” and offers foundation and core courses, electives, and a final comprehensive exam or thesis. Required coursework includes classes in topics such as:

  • Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership and Organizational Change
  • Personnel Psychology
  • Foundations of Applied Psychology

Most students complete the degree in about two years. You will be assigned a specific MSIO academic advisor, with whom you meet at the beginning of each semester—online students “meet” virtually. This program is ideal for professionals who want to “contribute to the success of organizations by improving employee performance and wellbeing.”

You can apply using the link below. To do so, you must have a bachelor’s degree. You should have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher or higher-than-average GRE scores.

Admissions website

#47. National Louis University

Program Details

National Louis

Through its College of Professional Studies and Advancement, NLU “draws on expertise and subject matter” from the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the School of Business and Management to form a comprehensive, interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology program.

This graduate degree program is offered entirely online and was developed with the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s Guidelines for Education and Training at the Master’s Level. The degree is provided at an accelerated pace and can be completed in just 20 months.

Up to nine credit hours can be transferred into the program, which requires at least 39 and up to 42 credit hours for completion. Courses include:

  • Psychological Statistics, Design and Analysis
  • Work Motivation and Job Attitudes
  • Measurement of Individual Differences

From Enrollment Specialists to help you begin the process to the caring and experienced faculty, online students like you are provided with all the assistance you need to have a positive educational experience.

Admissions website

#48. Angelo State University

Program Details

Angelo State University

The online-only Master of Science in Applied Psychology at ASU welcomes you to apply regardless of your undergraduate major. So long as you have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply!

This online psychology master degree is in the College of Graduate Studies and Research and consists of 36 credit hours. You have a choice between thesis and non-thesis options. Employing a “multifaceted approach to behavior” through the curriculum, you choose electives from classes such as:

  • Applied Economic Psychology
  • Social Perception
  • Applications of Psychopathology
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

Even though this is an online graduate degree program, you are free to take electives on campus if you choose.

If you haven’t taken at least eighteen credit hours of undergraduate psychology, you will need to take a foundational graduate-level psychology course. All core courses are taught by faculty members who have PhDs in psychology.

Once enrolled, you’ll have access to various support services such as academic advising, tutoring, and career development. These and other services will help you prepare for a rewarding social services career.

Admissions website

#49. Palo Alto University

Program Details

Palo Alto

The PAU Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling takes advantage of the nearly two decades of online academic experience the school has to offer, providing an “innovative and highly structured” program that can be completed part-time in just two years.

All coursework is online, and a one-week residency adds an enriching experience to the first summer of enrollment. This program requires 94.5 quarter units to graduate. You’ll begin the program in the fall and take classes such as:

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Ethics in Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Bases of Behavior

There is a practicum and internship component as well. You’ll complete 700 hours (or more), o which 280 hours must be direct contact hours with a client.

No thesis is required. The program does not lead to licensure. However, the program can transition conditionally to PAU’s Ph.D. in Psychology program if you desire.

In addition to other support services and resources provided for current students, prospective students can attend virtual information sessions to learn more about the program and if it is a good fit.

Admissions website

#50. Saint Leo University

Program Details

Saint Leo University

The online Master’s degree in Psychology from Saint Leo University is a 36-credit program that takes two years of full-time study to complete. There are four concentrations available:

  • General Psychology
  • Teaching of Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology

No matter which specialization you choose, you’ll proceed through the curriculum with a cohort of students. Your classes will be student-centered and provide ample opportunities to be an active learner. The courses are eight weeks long. You take one course at a time.

In addition to traditional coursework, you’ll complete a capstone project in which you conduct psychological research. This project is in lieu of practicum or internship experiences. This program does not lead to licensure but prepares you well for other psychology applications or work in a doctoral program.

The College of Education and Social Services will help you progress through the program by connecting you with valuable resources for academic assistance, financial aid, and career services. 

Admissions website

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