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30 Best Online Graduate Programs No GRE

master's no gre
online masters no gre

In this ranking, we highlight the best online graduate programs no GRE.

So you’ve made the smart decision to pursue an online master’s degree. You’re ready to start pursing it sooner rather than later. You’ve made up your mind to get your degree. You know which online master’s programs online are the best fit. Do you want to take time to study for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

Fortunately, there are masters programs online no GRE needed.

The Graduate Record Examination is the standard test. It is used to assess an applicant’s readiness for graduate programs from many schools. These include online graduate programs. Many schools now waive test scores as part of the admission process.

Some examples of online master’s programs no GRE include:

  • Online MBA in Human Resources (No GRE)
  • Online Master’s in Education (No GRE test scores)
  • Online Master’s in Educational Leadership (No GRE)
  • Online Master in Public Administration (MPA) (No GRE)
  • Online Master of Arts in Education in Elementary Education (MAE) (No GRE test scores)
  • Online MBA (No GRE)
  • Online Master’s in Criminal Justice (No GRE test scores)
  • Online Master of Public Health (No GRE)
  • Online Master of Liberal Studies (No GRE)
  • Online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) (No GRE test scores)
  • Online MPH (No GRE)
  • Online Master of Arts in History (No GRE test scores)
  • Online MBA in Finance (No GRE test scores)
  • Online MS in Finance (No GRE test scores)

Want to start learning in the program of your choice rather than study for a standardized test? There are plenty of online programs that don’t ask for GRE test scores.

This list of online master’s programs that don’t require GRE test scores is not exhaustive. Yet it is a good starting point. We’ll show you that you have some solid options when it comes to graduate programs.

Methodology: To avoid apples-to-oranges comparisons, we looked at the attributes of online graduate degree programs that are available. These are common across disciplines. In addition, we kept our pool of graduate programs within the top quarter of the 50 Most Popular Online Master’s Degree Programs to provide some boundaries for the review. Points are awarded in varying degrees in each criteria below. For online graduate degree programs with the same point value, the school with the lowest out-of-state tuition per credit hour ranks higher. This allows us to rank the best online master’s programs for you.

  • Commendation (25%): Ranking among national recognized sources such as U.S. News & World Report
  • Accreditation (25%): Program has recognition by the leading accrediting agency for that particular field of study
  • Accessibility (25%): Extent that the program can be accessed online
  • Specialization Available (25%): Degree customization or concentration areas

Let’s have a look at the best online graduate education programs in the ranking below!

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#1. Northeastern University Online MBA

Northeastern University

Online Graduate Degree Program Details

Looking for an online masters degree no GRE or GMAT required? The MBA is for “seasoned business professionals.” The program is for individuals who already have years of experience in business. You don’t need to take the GRE for these online programs unless you lack work experience.

The 50-credit hour program offers core courses such as:

  • Global Competition and Market Dominance
  • Strategic Decision Making in a Changing Environment

There are eight dedicated concentration options. There is also a general track. Focus areas in this online master’s degree no GRE include:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • High Technology Management
  • Innovation Entrepreneurship
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability

You can customize their degree to suit your individual needs. Graduate students can complete this online master’s degree program in business administration part-time in two years. You’ll access services tailored toward MBA business students.

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#2. Western Governors University Online Master’s in Education

Western Governors University

Master’s in Education Program Details

There are five degrees leading to initial licensure. There are fourteen degree programs for current teachers. The WGU Teachers College provides many online master’s degree options. Some of these online master’s include:

  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education
  • Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master of Education in Learning and Technology

You’ll become a more competent practitioner. All online master’s degree programs at WGU follow the competency-based education model (which WGU developed and has championed on a school-wide scale), meaning that students progress through their coursework based on what subjects they have mastered as opposed to a specific timeline set by an instructor. This is unique among many graduate programs. Graduate Record Examination test scores are not necessary for admission for this master’s degree, rather, applicants are expected to participate in a meeting with an Enrollment Counselor as part of the process.

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#3. California State University Dominguez Hills Online MPA

California State University Dominguez Hills

Graduate Degree Program Details

Another one of the best online master’s programs no GRE required is here. The online Master in Public Administration is one of the Graduate Programs at CSU Dominguez Hills College of Business Administration and Public Policy. It provides the same rigorous academics as the on-campus graduate level public administration program. Yet it’s also unique. Master’s degree students have the option, based on their concentration choice, between two academic calendars – which is uncommon in graduate programs. There are concentrations in:

  • Criminal Justice Policy and Administration
  • Health Care Policy and Administration
  • Nonprofit Management

These are presented in three sessions. The Public Management concentration has four sessions. There are 9 three-credit hour core courses such as:

  • Administrative Theory and Behavior
  • Public Budgeting
  • Foundations of Ethical Administration

These are followed by the student’s concentration electives. Then there is either a Capstone or Honors Thesis. You don’t have to provide test scores for admission to this online master’s degree. All MPA students are provided with student resources like career training.

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#4. Ball State University Online Master of Arts in Education in Elementary Education

Ball State

Master’s in Education Details

The Online Master of Arts in Education in Elementary Education program (MAE) through Ball State Online provides many customization options. You’ll find the perfect fit in this 30-credit hour education degree. In addition to the Elementary Education degree, there are three other focus areas:

  • Early Childhood Education and Middle School Education
  • Applied Teaching Practices
  • Reading and Literacy Instruction

Once graduate students have chosen their online master’s degree focus, they also have seven specialties from which to choose:

  • Autism
  • Computer Science and Education for Teachers
  • Gifted and Talented Education
  • Human Development and Learning
  • Middle School Education
  • Response to Intervention
  • English as a New Language

These specialities are applicable regardless of the focus. Having this many specialization options is rare among online degree programs. It is housed in the Department of Elementary Education in the Teachers College. All online MAE degree students have access to comprehensive student services. You’ll also have faculty mentors and resources to ensure academic success. You don’t need to provide GRE test scores for the online master’s degree programs here.

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#5. Colorado State University Online MBA

Colorado State University Global

Online Master’s Degree Program Details

Colorado State University Global College of Business presents an online MBA program. It can be completed in just twenty-one months. The “caring and experienced faculty” provide classes such as:

  • Business Systems and Processes
  • Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues
  • Corporate Risk Management

Master’s degree students have many start date options. You can take up to five years to complete this 42-credit program. You can choose to participate in an international study trip. You’ll learn international business culture. You’ll also become acclimated to environments that are different from your own. It will prepare you to work in a global economy. It will also boost their business intelligence. Business intelligence is a must for students in MBA graduate programs. There is a dedicated College of Business Career Management Center. This is available to online MBA students as it is to on-campus students. Once you graduate, you can still access many business-specific resources that the Center offers. You don’t need to take the GMAT for this online master’s degree. If you want more information, there are regular webinars about admission you can attend.

#6. Ohio University Online MBA

Ohio University

Graduate Degree Program Details

The online MBA is a top ranked online master program. There is a choice of four different concentration options. The degree is both flexible and customizable. There are twenty-six credit hours of master’s degree core courses. You’ll cover subjects like:

  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Use of Information

You can choose from concentrations in:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Executive Management
  • Business Analytics

There are many resources available to online MBA students. You can access new and archived papers and infographics. There are even educational and instructional webinars. These enhance business intelligence. Business intelligence and high student satisfaction is evident throughout the website. Faculty involvement at Ohio University provides a supportive environment. This bolsters online students’ academic experiences. Don’t worry about taking the GMAT for this online master’s degree. The Ohio University online MBA promises to help graduate students become leaders “who make a difference.

#7. Western Carolina University Online Master of Arts in Education

Western Carolina University

Master’s in Education Details

The online Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) degree is in WCU’s School of Teaching and Learning.  It continues the strong tradition of educating talented teachers. Two 30-credit hour online graduate educatinon programs are available:

  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Grades Education
  • Early Childhood Education

Each are comprised of four professional core courses, four track courses, and two Capstones. The Elementary track options include:

  • Literacy
  • STEM
  • AIG

The Middle Grades tracks are:

  • Language Arts/Literacy
  • Math
  • STEM

The degrees can be achieved in about two years. Advisors are available to help graduate students construct their timeline and plan of completion. Students can apply at any time. This is uncommon for graduate programs. You can transfer in up to six credit hours of graduate coursework. You don’t need to provide Graduate Record Examination test scores for the online master’s degree programs here. However, you should have existing teacher licensure.

#8. West Texas A&M University Online MBA

West Texas A&M University

Online Master’s Degree Program Details

The online MBA offered through the Department of Management, Marketing and General Business is housed in the West Texas A&M Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business. It can be completed online in as little as a year.  Graduate students can take three years or more if completing the program part-time. It includes 31-49 credit hours. This depends upon a student’s bachelor’s degree and choice of emphasis area. Graduate students can choose from a selection of core online courses such as:

  • Econometrics
  • Financial Management of Biotechnology and Health Care
  • Project Management for the Enterprise

Four emphasis areas are available in this master’s degree in addition to the General Business Track:

  • Computer Information Systems (with some computer science coursework)
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare Management

As with many online degree programs, all coursework is taught by the same experienced faculty as the on-campus MBA program. It has the added flexibility and convenience of online learning. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 can request a GMAT waiver. This will allow them to continue their online education without taking a test. It’s one of the best online graduate programs without GRE requirements.

#9. Southern New Hampshire University Online Master’s in Criminal Justice

Southern New Hampshire University

Online Graduate Programs Details

This program prepares students for careers in criminal justice. SNHU offers three versions of an online master’s degree in criminal justice for graduate students who want to work towards a safer society. The MBA in Criminal Justice degree provides a unique curriculum. It broadens a student’s “knowledge of the field of justice and its applications in the business world.” The Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree offers two concentrations:

  • Public Safety Administration
  • Advanced Counterterrorism and Homeland Security

The 36-credit hour master’s degree can be completed in as little as fifteen months. There are five start dates from which to begin the graduate program. Coursework covers topics such as:

  • Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice
  • Criminology and Public Policy

Many criminal justice electives are available. SNHU is well-versed in the needs of online master’s degree students, so there are dedicated and specific academic advisors and career counselors for MS and MBA Criminal Justice degree program students. You don’t need to provide GRE test scores for the online master’s degree programs here.

#10. Northern Illinois University Online MPH

Northern Illinois University


Online Graduate Programs Details

Northern Illinois University provides an online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program through the College of Health and Human Sciences, School of Health Studies. It is a reputable and respected degree. You’ll be able to access an online community of support made up of faculty members and fellow classmates. It is a 43-52 credit hour program. It is geared to the busy, working professional. Two specializations are offered in this master’s degree. Students can choose between Health Promotion or Health Services Management. There is also the choice of a thesis or a non-thesis path. You’ll take classes such as:

  • Community Health Planning
  • Principles and Methods of Epidemiology
  •  Applied Research Methods in Public Health

Students who opt against the thesis must complete the program with a Master’s Comprehensive Examination. You’ll need to submit letters of recommendation. You will also need an undergraduate GPA of 3.0. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here. That’s what you would expect for graduate programs in this ranking!

#11. Florida Atlantic University Online MBA

Florida Atlantic University

Online Graduate Programs Details

The Florida Atlantic University College of Business provides an online environment that is hands-on and personal. The resulting MBA degree program provides the convenience and flexibility to study anywhere at any time. This is thanks to the asynchronous delivery of the 100% online coursework. The 40-46 credit hour master’s degree program prepares students for future careers by progressing as a cohort through the classes, which include subjects like:

  • Global Environment of Management
  • Advanced Analysis of Accounting Data

Students can also participate in an International Business Specialization, which explores the “growing impact of international business and competition.” Information sessions for prospective students are held on-campus, but individual phone information sessions are available for those who cannot travel to campus. Do you have at least four years of relevant work experience and an advanced degree?  You don’t have to take the GMAT or GRE!

#12. Florida International University Online MBA

Florida International University

Online Graduate Programs Details

The Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University presents an online Corporate MBA (CMBA) that kicks off with a three-day on-campus Residency that is free for online CMBA students. The 42-credit hour online education program can then be completed in eighteen months for students who desire an accelerated pace. Two other tracks are offered. These allow students to complete the graduate program at slower paces. There is a 1 year masters programs online no GRE option. There is also a nine month track option. There’s even a two year, nine month option. This online master’s degree covers topics such as:

  • Corporate Simulation
  • Legal Environment of Business

You can choose between seven different specialization areas like:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Business
  • Business Analytics

There is dedicated technological support for the online CMBA student to assist with whatever needs a student may encounter, as well as other student services. You don’t need to provide GRE test scores for the online master’s degree programs here.

#13. American University Online MBA

American University

 Online Degree Programs Details

American University’s Kogod School of Business is the oldest accredited business school in the Washington, D.C. area. The online MBA has all of the rigor and resources of the on-campus graduate program. It is “for domestic and global business professionals who want to start or advance their career.” It includes 48-credit hours. Students participate in twelve core courses . They can choose from five concentrations to customize their online master’s degree. These include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Business Analytics
  • Consulting

You’ll complete two immersion experiences during this online master’s program. One of these in on-campus in D.C. The other takes place abroad.  Past immersion locations include:

  • Brussels
  • New York City
  • San Francisco

You don’t need to take the GRE for these online programs.

#14. Fort Hays State University Online Master of Liberal Studies


Online Degree Programs Details

The Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree program at FHSU is all online. This is through the Virtual College. This is a graduate program to prepare students for pursuing many different careers. It is an online masters without GRE requirements. The MLS degree program provides a bridge to interdisciplinary learning at its best. It is a 31-credit hour master’s degree program. This is a typical number of credits for many graduate programs. Students engage in ten credits of core courses such as:

  • Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society
  • Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective

Students have the option of a culminating thesis or internship to complete the program. To customize the degree there are twelve online predetermined concentrations. These include:

  • Art History
  • Global Management
  • Political Leadership
  • Public Service

An MLS Coordinator is on-hand to provide academic guidance and support to online students, and as a pursuit of liberal studies “focuses on intellectual, social, and moral growth,” students can be assured that their success is a goal of the graduate program as well. You don’t need to provide GRE test scores for the online master’s degree programs here.

#15. Texas A&M International University Online MPA

Texas A&M University at Laredo

Online Degree Programs Details

The online MPA degree program at Texas A&M International is housed in the Department of Social Sciences. Courses are offered in conjunction with Nursing and Health Sciences. The 42-credit hour graduate program has been provided since 2001. It is for both mid-career professionals and beginning career professionals.

You’ll take classes like:

  • Advanced Methods of Social Research
  • Communication for Public Administrators
  • Principles and Politics of Public Budgeting

These are taught by the experience MPA faculty. In addition to the MPA degree, the master’s degree program also offers a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Management (CNLM). You’ll complete twelve-credit hours. You don’t need to provide GRE test scores for the online master’s degree programs here.

#16. Troy University Online MPA

Troy University

Online Degree Programs Details

Troy University’s MPA degree program is through the College of Arts & Sciences. It can be completed online in as little as fifteen months. The program includes  36-credit hours. Core courses include:

  • Governmental Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Public Policy

Students can choose one or two areas from nine concentration options:

  • Government Contracting
  • Justice Administration
  • National Security Affairs
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Health Administration
  • Public Human Resource Management
  • Public Management

The MPA at Troy is “both a practitioner’s professional degree as well as an academic degree.” You’ll get the perfect combination of theory and real-world application. You’ll learn from the specialized faculty. Resources and student support are available to online master’s degree students. There are services such as a Writing Center and an online tutor network. There’s even an active Career Center. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree program.

#17. Colorado State University-Global Campus Online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Colorado State University Global

Organizational Leadership Program Details

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) provided by CSU-Global Campus offers two track options to prospective students. There is a Research track and a Practitioner track. The program requires 36 credit hours of study. You’ll be able to choose between fifteen specializations. These include:

  • Strategic Innovation and Change Management
  • Online Learning Innovation and Design
  • Human Resource Performance
  • Business Intelligence

There are other customization options, too. The MSOL at CSU-Global will prepare leaders and innovators in a variety of fields. All faculty are masters in their respective fields. They are trained to provide online instruction. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

#18. Kent State University Online Master of Liberal Studies

Kent State

Online Graduate Degree Programs Details

The KSU College of Arts and Sciences allows you to create an online and unique Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree. There are 33-credit hours in this online master’s degree program. Two are in “Introduction to Liberal Studies” course. There’s also a one-credit Liberal Studies Research Paper. You’ll complete a three-credit Liberal Studies Essay. All remaining credits can be electives. you must submit a Goal Statement. In this, you will describe the degree you want to pursue. You’ll work with a Program Director for guidance as you craft your degree. At least twelve credits must be from within one single department. This is to assure the degree has a sense of cohesion. Yet up to fifteen credits can be distributed between many departments. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

#19. University of New England Online MPH

University of New England

 Online Program Details

UNE Online offers the only CEPH-accredited online MPH degree program in Maine. It is a 46-credit hour MPH online program. You’ll twenty-five credits of core coursework. There are twenty-one credits devoted to electives. You can choose from classes such as:

  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • Health Literacy and Plain Language

A Student Support Specialist exclusive to the MPH program is on hand. This professional can provide online students with the support they need to be successful in the graduate program. There are other services and faculty advisors available, too. Classes are administered in three terms. They are offered in the fall, spring, and summer. Each term is eight-weeks long. Students are expected to take one course per term. You don’t need to take the GRE for these online programs.

#20. Nova Southeastern Online Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Nova Southeastern University

Online Master’s Program Details

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is online. This is through the Department of Justice and Human Services in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. There are 15 credits of core courses. You’ll take 30 credit hours in criminal justice in total.  In addition to a practicum placement or a Master’s Thesis, you can choose between twelve concentrations. Concentration options vary. Some can be in collaboration with another department at NSU.

Criminal justice concentrations include:

  • Investigative Forensic Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Public Administration

Criminal justice students can complete the graduate program in about two years. You’ll take  two courses a semester. You can accelerate your pace if desired. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online criminal justice degree.

#21. American Public University Online Master of Arts in History

American Public University System

Online Program Details

APU’s online Master of Arts in History program is located in the School of Arts & Humanities. It includes 36 credit hours. Students are able to transfer in up to fifteen credits. They have a choice of concentration focus areas in:

  • American History
  • Ancient and Classical History
  • European History
  • Global History
  • Public History

You’ll choose a capstone course or a supervised practicum. Online students at APU have access to the Richard G. Trefry Library. This has a mission “to provide quality resources to support learning across all disciplines”. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

#22. University of Arkansas Online Master of Education in Educational Leadership

University of Arkansas

Educational Leadership Online Master’s Program Details

The U of A Online Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership is an all- online degree program that can be completed in just two years. The Educational Leadership program is ideal for licensed teachers seeking administrative positions. It includes 33-credit hours and an internship. U of A’s educational leadership program boasts a 100% passage rate on the SLLA (School Leaders Licensure Assessment). The Educational Leadership program is through the College of Education and Health Professions. It has a mission to produce “educational leaders with the knowledge, skills, ethics, and motivation to transform educational organizations.” The curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Principalship
  • School Law
  • Statistical Literacy
  • School Finance

You’ll also receive guidance and advisement in this educational leadership degree. You don’t need to take the GRE for these online graduate degree programs.  However, that’s only for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher.

#23. Wilmington University Online MBA in Finance

Wilmington University

Graduate Programs Details

The MBA in Finance degree program can be completed all online. It has nine concentrations , a Finance concentration and a general track. You can customize your degree with options such as:

  • Business Administration and Technology Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Management Information Systems
  • Organizational Leadership

It is a 36-credit hour graduate program. You’ll take core coursework classes such as:

  • Global Marketing Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Ethical Leadership

The Wilmington University MBA core has a strong Finance focus. You can also choose from electives like:

  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Taxation
  • International Finance

You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

#24. Belhaven University Online Master of Business Administration in Human Resources

Belhaven University

Graduate Programs Details

The online MBA with Human Resources Concentration at Belhaven guides graduate students through human resources principles. These include good employee-organization relationships and best practices in compensation. It is housed in the School of Business Administration. It is a 42-credit hour degree program. It offers concentrations such as:

  • Ethical Problems in Business
  • The Legal Environment of Business
  • Quantitative Decision Making

There’s also a 36-credit hour Master of Science in Leadership with Human Resources Concentration. This is also offered online. The MSL degree curriculum shares some classes with the MBA in Human Resource program, and offers other subjects like:

  • Leading Productive Teams
  • Coaching, Mentoring, and Resolving Conflicts
  • Organizational Change

You’ll complete an online orientation before starting your online master’s program. You’ll be assigned a Services Representative to help navigate your online learning. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

#25. University of Saint Mary Online MBA in Finance

Saint Mary University

Graduate Programs Details

The online MBA in Finance combines rigorous academics with a great deal of online student support. You’ll complete 36-credit hours with a strong MBA core curriculum. You’ll also take Finance concentration coursework such as:

  • Advanced Financial Topics
  • Financial and Capital Issues

The degree is an accelerated graduate program. It can be completed in just one year. Graduate students can opt to take the program part-time and complete it in two years. You’ll complete both a Capstone course and a final comprehensive exam. Program resources are MBA-specific. These are through the Master of Business Administration Resource Center . They cover industry articles and research. You’ll have other student services via the Admissions Advisors. There’s also 24/7 access to a Personal Support Center (PSC). You don’t need to take the GRE or GMAT for the online master’s degree programs here.

#26. University of North Carolina Wilmington Online Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Graduate Programs Details

The online Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) degree program is through UNCW’s Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS). There are two concentration certificate options online:

  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Women’s and Gender Studies

Class selections are broad and include topics such as:

  • Religion and Sex
  • The Social Organization of Cruelty
  • Post-Modern Childhood
  • The Historical Geography of Food
  • American Roadways

This is by definition an interdisciplinary degree. You’ll complete a final project. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s programs here.

#27. University of Wisconsin-Platteville Online Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Graduate Programs Details

The UW-Platteville Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership  program is all online. It is crafted “for individuals who wish to cultivate their change leadership skills, drive positive change and enable organizational innovation.” You’ll take 30 to 39 credit hours. The online program provides up to nine credits of foundational courses. There are 21-credit hours of core courses. There are four optional emphasis areas offered in:

  • Healthcare
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Safety Risk Control

You can also choose from electives like:

  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Business Ethics
  • Quality Management

Students who have certain certifications may be eligible to receive credit. This goes towards the Organizational Change Leadership degree. UW-Platteville offers a dedicated Online Student Services center. You’ll have resources such as advising, on-campus services for distance learners, and tech support. You don’t have to take any entrance exam for this online master’s.

#28. Anna Maria College Online MPA

Anna Maria College

Graduate School Program Details

The online Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program helps educate students for  careers in the public sector. There is an MPA General Track. There are also four specializations are offered to customize the degree:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Homeland Security

It includes 36-credit hours. All students take classes such as:

  • Strategic Management of Human Capital
  • Organizational Theories & the Public Sector

A MPA Resource page provides the most up-to-date Public Administration and Criminal Justice news. Students are supplied with support from the beginning. Admissions advisors and other services are on hand, as are expert and caring faculty. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

#29. Brenau University Online Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

Brenau University

Graduate School Program Details

Brenau’s Master of Business Administration with a Human Resource Management (HRM) Concentration is online in addition to at many on-campus locations. It has 45-credit hour degree program. The curriculum is “updated to ensure real-world relevancy to today’s global marketplace.” It is through the College of Business & Mass Communication.  Students take core MBA classes such as:

  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Strategic Management and Policy
  • Talent Acquisition & Management
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Employment Law

The program provides specialized training and real-world experience. You’ll get personal attention, while developing solid business fundamentals. The Brenau online MBA HRM degree is rigorous. Yet it is delivered by a caring and knowledgeable faculty. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs at this school.

#30. Concordia University Wisconsin Online MBA Finance

Online Master’s Program Details

The MBA in Finance is taught by professionals in the field of finance. It provides students with mastery of the “key aspects of real estate investment, securities analysis, risk management, and other essential topics within the financial field.” It consists of 39-credit hours. You can start the program at your convenience. You’ll engage in MBA core classes such as:

  • Ethics and Organizational Leadership
  • Management Science and Analytics
  • Portfolio Mathematics
  • Securities Analysis
  •  Real Estate Investment

Al students participate in an internship. This includes at least 120 contact hours of real-world work. You’ll be provided with enrollment advisors. Once admitted, you’ll have many other resources at your disposal. These graduate programs are housed in the Concordia School of Business. You don’t need to take the GRE for the online master’s degree programs here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a masters degree without GRE?

Some graduate programs waive the GRE requirement, allowing students to pursue a master’s degree without taking the exam. However, admission criteria may vary by institution and program, so it’s essential to research specific requirements for each program of interest.

Is the GRE no longer required?

Some graduate programs have waived the GRE requirement, making it optional for applicants. However, it’s essential to check the admission requirements of individual programs, as policies may vary.

Is it okay to get a master’s degree online?

Getting a master’s degree online is perfectly fine and increasingly common. Many reputable universities offer online programs that provide quality education and flexibility for students who may not be able to attend traditional on-campus classes.

Which master’s degree is most in demand?

The most in-demand master’s degrees often align with fields experiencing growth or facing critical needs in society, such as healthcare, technology, business, and education. Degrees like Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Computer Science are frequently sought after by employers due to their relevance and potential for career advancement.

What is the highest paying master’s degree?

The highest paying master’s degrees typically include fields like healthcare, business, engineering, and technology. For example, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) are known for offering lucrative career opportunities with high earning potential.

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