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Is an Online Master’s Degree Worth it?

are online masters worth it

The job market is certainly better than it was just a few years ago, but it never hurts to make sure you’re at the top of your game and ready for any uncertainty in the labor market. Earning a master’s degree may be your best bet for safeguarding your future employment, and if managerial positions or jobs in certain fields are what you aspire to, a master’s degree might actually be a requirement to reach them. A master’s degree may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but with the many popular online master’s degree programs available today, a master’s degree may be easier to obtain than you think.

The Ease of an Online Master’s Degree Program

From the beginning of your online education journey, online master degree programs offer multiple ways of applying for admission. Many have several admissions deadlines throughout the year, and some even offer rolling admission so that you can get started as soon as you are ready rather than having to wait for the school year to start. There are some programs that require a certain amount of time on campus for residencies or week-long projects, so make sure that fits into your plan–but for many programs, all you need is a computer and the self-motivation and dedication to work hard.

Most online programs are designed for the working professional, so you can literally take the time you need to complete the program. In our research we learned of programs that allow up to seven years to complete a degree. That’s not always the case, of course, but many programs will accommodate those who are still working by making part time coursework an option. And on the flip-side of taking several years or more to work on your degree, if getting in and out of a program as quickly as possible is your goal–there are programs that make that an attractive option as well. With some of the fastest online master’s programstaking less than a year to complete, and other programs that allow up to seven years, there is surely a program that meets your needs.

The Benefits of an Online Master’s Degree Program

There’s no need to fear that educational quality is sacrificed through online learning. Most programs have the exact same faculty teaching both on-campus and online courses. Lectures are often archived and available at all times to the online student. Support services, even though students are not on-campus, are also available to online students if they desire to access them. So you can be assured that you are learning the same materials and being offered the same support as those on campus.

After you’ve graduated, another bonus of earning an online master’s degree is that a salary increase is likely in certain fields. Some salaries jump over 20% by virtue of having furthered your education! There are studies that verify the direct relation of higher wages in certain careers from earning a master’s degree, but that’s not the only reason an online master’s degree is worthwhile. Many stimulating employment opportunities open up to graduates with advanced degrees. Graduates with a master’s degree find positions in management and administration more accessible, and having an advanced degree allows more specialized focus areas in fields such as teaching, the arts or healthcare, just to name a few.

So, is an Online Master Degree Worth It?

Ease of admission, a quality education at your own pace, potentially higher wages and better job opportunities? If this sounds like a win-win situation to you, then you might be ready to start the process of earning that degree from one of the top online master’s degree programs. The world could be your oyster– take the plunge!

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