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How Many Engineers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

how many engineers does it take

Answer: None–they’re all too busy designing the perfect bulb!

Engineers get a lot of flak–perhaps undeservedly. Clichés abound regarding what engineers do or the kind of personality it takes to be an engineer. But in all fairness, the field of engineering is full of possibilities and professionals are just as diverse as in any other field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mechanical engineering field is progressing at a steady rate with the opportunity for employment following the national growth-rate average. And as one of the most popular online master’s degree programs, the Master of Mechanical Engineering degree provides all of the benefits of an on-campus program with the added benefits of convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. So let’s break down the myths that plague this noble profession, shall we? And while we’re at it, if you continue reading you will be provided with a link to some truly exceptional online degree programs for mechanical engineering.

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Myth One: All Engineers are Introverts

Hmm, when you hear “engineer,” do you imagine the mad inventor holed up in his or her workshop coming up with hover skateboards or food coatings that will outlive a zombie apocalypse? In reality, engineers are just like people in other professions of course. Some may be introverted and more comfortable working quietly in their own space, but even if that is the case, no one can work in isolation forever. Working collaboratively on a large project requires interacting with other engineers, project or construction managers, CEOs, patent attorneys–the list could go on. Even small projects require a certain level of collaboration, so this myth is just that–a myth.

Myth Two: Engineering is a Male Profession

So there might historically be a larger proportion of male engineers, but there are plenty of female engineers both throughout history and today. Before the term engineering was even in use, there were women helping to make the world run (and run better). Consider the Islamic Golden Age (from the late 700s to about the 1300s) in which women were inventors alongside their male counterparts. There’s Alice Perry, an engineer in the early 1900s, who is still on record as having been the only woman employed as a County Engineer in Ireland. To bring us up to the 21st century and properly debunk this myth, just take a glance at this Business Insider article on the most influential female engineers in 2018.

Myth Three: You Can’t Pursue a Reputable Master of Mechanical Engineering Degree from an Online Program

Now this myth is just plain silly! As most people know, online degree programs are gaining in popularity. They offer convenience and flexibility–you don’t have to quit your job or move, but rather, you can pursue the degree you want from the school of your choice from the comfort of your home. Some of the most well-known and respected institutions offer their renowned master of mechanical engineering degree through an online program format. To examine some of these programs, look over this list of the 50 best online master of mechanical engineering degree programs, and consider yourself an engineering myth-buster!

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