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The Master’s Degree to Change the World: International Relations

How would you like a career that allows you to tackle the world’s biggest problems on a global scale, achieve world peace, end worldwide epidemics, jet-set to the farthest corners, or basically be like James Bond? Sound too good to be true? Well, we may be slightly embellishing it, but really not that much. Professionals in the field of International Relations are employed to wage peace amidst conflict, intercept terrorist plots while the rest of the world sleeps, develop international policy and play the international business field, and research and administer healthcare to populations around the globe (okay, so we were exaggerating with the James Bond part). The real takeaway here should be the versatility and promise that a career in International Relations could bring you. So read on to learn more about why International Relations are important, how you can enter the field, and what kinds of areas you can enter into as a professional.

We are currently more well-connected as a planet than we have ever been. Unlike in centuries past (or even decades past, for that matter), we can not only speak with but also see the faces of our loved ones (or enemies) half way around the world. With that level of connectivity, it is no wonder that a field like International Relations is growing at a rapid pace. And for the field to grow, professionals must enter into it–and to do that, professionals must first obtain a graduate level degree in International Relations. Stay with us–don’t get scared off by the thought of re-entering academia. Because a master’s is one of the most essential elements of training to join the profession, the Online Master of Arts in International Relations is one of the most popular online degree programs. The array of institutions that offer their graduate international relations programs as an online degree is impressive, as is some of the schools (we’re talking Ivy League here). To reassure you that this line of work and the education required to enter it is a clear possibility for you, read on to learn a little more about it.

First things first, let’s look at the actual degrees that are possible. The online Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) degree might be the program that comes to the forefront when thinking about international relations, but it is not the only way to go. International education is also a great option for those who have a background in teaching or have the inclination. Students would pursue an online Master of Education (MEd) degree and take classes like “International Organizations in Global Education” and “Culture, Society & Education in Comparative Perspective” to become educators, policymakers, or administrators both domestically and abroad. There’s the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree for professionals who like management, finance, marketing, and strategy on a global scale. With a degree like the online Master of Global Security Studies, students learn about security from the perspectives of military, economics, and energy and environmental sustainably and safety. Professionals in the specialized Global Securities field help guide the course of the world through policy, law, and strategy. Other lesser known paths include pursuing an online Master of International Logistics Management, which would enable a student to be in charge of trade from all over the world, or the online Master of Regulatory Sciences degree, which prepares students with the knowledge regarding compliance with complex regulatory policies and procedures for the influx of new pharmaceutical products being produced internationally.

A truly fascinating and evolving area, the field of International Relations has many possibilities. So if you see yourself in a career in International Relations, we invite you to glance at this list of the 50 Best Online Master of International Relations Degree Programs.

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