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Why You Need a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Interesting Career Possibilities

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Did you know that the field of mathematics is a fast-growing industry in terms of job outlook over the next decade? In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected 33% growth through 2026 is much faster than the national average of 7%. But, also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to get in on this job opportunity action, you really need to have a Master of Mathematics. But no need to worry, the Master of Mathematics degree is one of the most popular online master’s degree programs available. Rigorous coursework available entirely online offers convenience, flexibility, and respectability to the degree.

The field of Mathematics is so much more complex than just addition and subtraction. Options range widely in terms of career possibilities in this broad field. Analytical types will find a wealth of data and research possibilities. Of course, academia is an option for those who are more educationally-minded–all the way from elementary school to university halls. There’s the whole world of finance for those who are captivated by dollars and cents, savings and investments. Then there’s the element of adding in an interdisciplinary approach for even more opportunities–the point is, you don’t have a narrow, set path with mathematics. Individuals who decide to pursue a Master of Mathematics degree are finding many specialization possibilities that enable them to tailor their degree to their particular career goals, and as the Master of Mathematics really lends itself to distance education, most programs can be completed entirely online and utilize the same faculty as any on-campus programs, so students do not miss out on any of the rigorous academics–they just gain the benefit of flexibility and convenience.

Some careers with a Master of Mathematics degree seem obvious, such as math professor, investment officer, or statistician. But how about some of the lesser known careers that recipients of an advanced mathematics degree can pursue? How about becoming an Actuarial Scientist? This profession analyzes statistical evidence to propose the certainty of a projected event occurring. They often work for insurance companies to determine potential risks (accidents, disease, etc.). There’s also the Cryptology profession. Cryptographers are cyber security safety regulators—functioning to make sure ATM machines and computer passwords are safe from hackers by utilizing their training in applied mathematics. For those who have a truly analytical mind and want to use it to wield good, Fraud Investigators review information to discover identity theft and insurance fraud, as well as credit card scams and other forms of financial deceit. Two mathematics/science hybrid jobs for those with advanced degrees include Meteorologists and Geodesists. Meteorologists use calculus and physics to predict weather and atmospheric changes, and Geodesists use applied mathematics to study and measure distance between planets and understand changes in the gravitational pull of the earth.

But why pursue a master’s of mathematics? The real reason boils down to a love of math. An undergraduate degree will provide a solid foundation in mathematics, but an advanced degree can allow for a deeper understanding of mathematics or delving into a specialization in one area. So if you are ready to deepen your knowledge and expertise of mathematics, check out these 35 Best Online Master of Mathematics Degree Programs to get started!

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