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What Employers Think of Your Online MBA

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Graduates of online MBA degree programs are on to something smart. With starting salaries for Master of Business Administration degree recipients at six figures and continuing to grow, there’s no denying that if financial security is one of your top goals, an MBA degree is a must. Despite all the benefits of choosing one of the best online MBA programs for a distance education, some seekers may experience some hesitation when picking an online school. This hesitation most likely stems from uncertainty about what future employers might think of an online MBA degree. Rest assured, if you look over our list of the best MBA programs online, you will find a multitude of respected, reputable schools that will impress any potential employer you encounter.

What the Employers are Saying

Even though all degrees from online MBA programs simply state that the degree was received from their institution and not an online version of the program, you may need to be prepared to discuss your decision to study through a distance learning program as opposed to a more traditional on-campus program. Regardless, most employers admit that as long as the program itself is of high quality it shouldn’t be a deterrent that the degree was earned online. Most employers also are well aware of the online learning trend, and as long as the business schools are reputable, have a physical campus, and have appropriate accreditation through The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), employers seem to be more concerned with what you can do for their company than how you completed your MBA degree program’s coursework. And as more and more well-known and respected schools are offering online MBA degrees, any hesitation a potential employer may have should be short-lived.

In addition, having an online MBA degree might actually be a draw for some employers. Completing coursework online proves that a graduate is technologically savvy, because obviously one would have to understand how to navigate online in order to be able to complete the online program requirements. Online learning also showcases that a student is self-motivated, driven and has good time-management skills, especially if the degree was earned while still working full-time.

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Pick the Right School

So to sum up, if you are ready to take the next step towards your online MBA degree, make sure you pick a quality school with a good reputation, a physical campus, and AACSB accreditation. We’ve compiled a ranking of the 50 best online MBA degree programs, and they are all AACSB-accredited. Check out our list to find the school that will help you not only land that big interview, but also excel during it!

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